[4K Ultra HD] Alaina See-Through Lingerie Alaina - SiteRip-00:35:25 | Solo - 2,5 GB

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[4K Ultra HD] Alaina See-Through Lingerie Alaina - SiteRip-00:35:25 | Solo - 2,5 GB


4K Ultra HD-2,5 GB-Alaina See-Through Lingerie

AVC, 10000 Kbps, 25.000 fps
AAC, 96 Kbps (VBR), 48 KHz, 1 channels

Alaina cheerfully invites us into her flat for the grand tour, beginning with a wall covered with photos of the 15 countries she's visited in the last 10 years. "These are from the seaside, where I go sunbathing topless!" she exclaims in her charming French accent, tugging down her tank top to show off her cleavage in a lacy pink bra. Clad in see-through underwear, she demonstrates her rock climbing warm-up exercises. Then, she flashes a bright smile and confesses: "I like to go around the flat naked. I feel comfortable and free!". To prove it, she pulls her panties down around her ankles.Alaina tells sexy stories about her first experiences with anal sex and squirting, then shows us the bar area where she mixes cocktails to seduce her dates. Her breasts jiggle enticingly as she shakes up a drink, before retiring to the bedroom, wearing only a flower crown and a rainbow lei. "I like to role play as a princess, innocent and pure.which I am not", she giggles. Strapping her tan lined nude figure into her climbing harness, which frames her perfectly smooth vulva, Alaina describes a romantic two-day nature excursion. "We had sex on the top of the mountains! It was the best date ever!" she announces, her dark eyes sparkling.


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